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Divorce is a really big problem in the UK today, says Cara from Cheap London Escorts. I date a lot of divorced gents, and many of them sort of seem to lose touch with society. It is really sad, but the older you are when you are divorced, the tougher it is to get on with life. Lots of the divorced gents that I meet on dates, are over 50 and they are finding it really hard. They often end up moving house, and some of them even relocate to another part of the country. Divorce leads to loneliness and that can’t be good.


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Most of the girls back at the agency really like to date senior gents. The vast majority of them are real gents and that makes a difference. I never see any of my dates as father figures, but I do see them as very attractive men. They have a lot of experience of life and that is what makes them so great to talk to. It is by far more interesting to date senior gents than it is to date younger gents. I know that many of the girls back at the agency feel exactly the same way.


What is the problem?


There are some times of the year that are busier than others, says Cara from Cheap London Escorts. You can tell that times around Christmas and birthdays always get busier and we date a lot more. I suppose these are the times of the year when we miss companionship the most, and it can be tough to be on your own. I wouldn’t want to be on my own at Christmas, it can’t be very nice at all and I do feel ever so sorry for my gents who are lonely this time of the year.


Lots of the divorced gents that I meet at Cheap London Escorts are well off. Their marriages seem to have broken up because their wives have moved on. I don’t know why, but it seems that many women move on these days once the kids have grown up. Of course, they move on emotionally faster than men, and that helps them but no the men. Of course, being married to a wealthy guy, may mean that you also get a good divorced settlement, but your ex has to start all over again. I am not so sure that is really fair.


Busy weekends at Cheap London Escorts


Weekends are the busiest times at Cheap London Escorts, and most of the girls here at the agency see their favorite gents then. We get up to all sorts of things, and may even go shopping with them. During the weekdays, I date a lot of younger gents here at the agency, so I have to say that I look forward to the weekend. The weekend here at Cheap London Escorts tend to be a lot more entertaining than the week, and I always have lots of fun on my weekend dates.


The truth is that senior gents really do know how to entertain a lady. They have a nice manner about them, and can easily chat. Sometimes it feels like younger guys just come and go in a heated rush, and that is not the same as spending some time with somebody. I can honestly say that I know most of my senior gents really well, and I have become good friends with many of them. It is a nice feeling, and it makes for a much better date. I have lots of regular here at Cheap London Escorts, and the majority are senior gents.


Do I have any favorite gents?


I do date quite a few gents here at Cheap London Escorts, and I have to admit that I have some favorite gents. They tend to be the guys that you know really well, and that you can sort have talk to. I have this one guy that I date every other weekend at Cheap London Escorts, and he is my favorite. He travels a lot, so he can’t see me all of the time. However, when he turns up, he is great fun to be with and I think that we have a connection, lots of fun to be with.